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Common Defenses Used In Domestic Violence Cases

If you have been arrested for domestic violence, you may be looking for an attorney to help you with your case. A domestic violence defense attorney can raise defenses that may help to put some doubt in the minds of a judge or jurors that you did not commit the crime that you are being accused of. One of the first questions that defendants have is what defenses lawyers may raise to help them be found not guilty.

Read on to learn more about the common defenses that are used in domestic violence cases.

The Incident Was an Accident

One of the defenses that can be raised in domestic violence cases is that the incident that caused injuries was an accident. For example, if your husband was on a ladder changing a lightbulb and you accidentally bumped into the ladder causing him to fall, the incident would be an accident. Or if a husband is doing demolition work in the kitchen, and as he is swinging a sledgehammer, his wife walks by and gets hit, her injuries would be caused by an accident. 

The Injuries Were Caused By Self Defense

Another common defense that is raised by defense attorneys in domestic violence cases is that injuries were caused by self-defense. For example, if a girlfriend is hitting her boyfriend during a fight, he has the right to defend himself. If he grabs her arms to prevent her from hitting him, and he leaves a bruise, this is a case of self-defense. If you were trying to defend yourself against what you felt was a threat, your attorney may allege self-defense in your case. 

There Is No Evidence to Show You Are Guilty

The final common defense used in a domestic violence case is that there is no evidence showing you are guilty. If no one saw you at the scene and no one saw you strike or injure the alleged party, it may be your word against their word. It can be hard for a prosecutor to win their case when it is a he-said/she-said case and there is no evidence. 

If you have been charged with domestic violence, there are many defenses that a domestic violence or battery defense attorney may raise to help raise doubt in the mind of the judge or a jury. They may state that the incident was an accident, that the injuries were caused by self-defense, or the lawyer may argue that you did not commit the crime and there is no evidence linking you to the crime. If you have been charged with domestic violence, reach out to a domestic violence defense attorney as quickly as possible. 

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