Working With A Criminal Attorney

5 Qualities Of A Good Criminal Defense Attorney

There is some level of security that comes with knowing that nothing can go wrong with your criminal case. And that's why you need the best criminal defense attorney to handle your case. The big question now remains what to look for before choosing your criminal defense attorney. Read on to find out.

1. Good Communication Skills and Commanding Presence

A good criminal lawyer needs to show high-level argumentative and persuasive skills. Your lawyer should:

  • Understand verbal and non-verbal language.

  • Find it easy to create a rapport and build relationships.

  • Speak audibly.

Your criminal lawyer needs to draw the attention of the jury and that of the audience during their presentations. A commanding presence shows confidence and may intimidate the plaintiff's attorney into mounting a weak presentation.

2. Good Analytical Skills

Your lawyer must analyze various situations in his line of duty. They have to look at your case from different angles and break it down for you to understand your line of defense. Your criminal defense attorney also needs to read the motives of the prosecutor or that of the plaintiff's lawyer and respond to them appropriately.

3. Top-Notch Technological Skills

Your criminal defense attorney must utilize the internet and the latest technology to aid your criminal case. They should have the upper hand when researching and undertaking investigations. They should get authoritative information and facts to back their opinion.

For example, your lawyer can use phone forensics or social media posts to provide your alibi. In addition, your criminal defense attorney can comb through social media to look for other types of evidence that can exonerate you from a crime.

4. Accountability

Your criminal attorney needs to participate in the case and not bring representatives. In this way, they will put their best foot forward. Hire a criminal lawyer who is not afraid of failure and who has a track record of successful criminal cases. Your criminal lawyer should keep your needs first, and their primary aim should be to get your charges dropped.

5. Legal Talent and Integrity

Your lawyer should have a depth of understanding of the law. This provision will give them a proper footing in arguing your case. In addition, your criminal defense attorney should have the legal facts to back their arguments.

Your criminal attorney must put your interest first over potential financial gain. This quality is key in maintaining the lawyer-client relationship. In addition, your criminal defense attorney should have honorable conduct in the case proceedings. For example, they should not blindsight you on the criminal defense strategy they'll use when you inquire about it.


All the above qualities necessitate research on your potential criminal defense attorney. So take your time before choosing your criminal attorney to represent you in your criminal case. Click here for more information.