Working With A Criminal Attorney

Mistakes to Avoid after Being Charged with a DUI

A DUI can affect several different avenues of your life, even the simple ability to drive with a license. You don't want to be charged with one, but if you somehow are, avoiding these mistakes is going to keep you out of more legal trouble.

Giving Police Evidence to Hurt Your Legal Case

If you are going to try to fight or lessen the charge of a DUI, then what you do and say with police is something to think about. You don't want to potentially give them evidence that they will turn around and use to harm your DUI case.

For instance, while the police interview you after getting pulled over, you don't want to say you have been drinking. Let the officer perform their investigation without giving them extra evidence unless you're legally obligated to (like taking a field sobriety test).

Not Showing up to Court

If you want the best shot at having this DUI case go away or lessened, then you need to show up to court when you're asked to. The judge may need to sit down with you to talk about your case in greater detail and showing up to assist them looks better than skipping these dates.

In fact, skipping court on the date that you're supposed to show up could get you into even more legal trouble — even more than a standard DUI charge. Don't make this situation escalate by taking this approach.

Defending Yourself Without Legal Knowledge

Some people charged with DUIs will proceed to defend themselves, even when they don't know a lot about the law and DUI-related regulations. You don't want to think you're going to outsmart the arresting officers or the court system that you may have to go through.

You need a DUI attorney to show you how to respond to questions and how to act in court. Even if you have some legal knowledge on DUIs, professional attorney assistance is going to get you better results compared to trying to defend yourself against some really skilled legal parties.

Whether you are dealing with a DUI for the first time or this is another driving offense you've committed, how you respond matters tremendously in the results you can expect after being charged by an officer. If you care about how this legal process goes, you can better manage it. 

To learn or read more about DUIs, contact an attorney near you.