Working With A Criminal Attorney

Facing Simple Assault Charges

Simple assault is a criminal offense you could be charged with. Simple assault may not be the most intense charge of its kind, but it is still not one you want to have in your criminal history.

If you are facing charges of simple assault, these are some of the things you need to be aware of.

First, What Is Simple Assault?

Simple assault is the most basic type of assault charge, and it is associated with threats of violence. You need not physically harm a person to be accused of simple assault, but it can include some form of physical touch as well.

In short, simple assault is not as serious as aggravated assault, but it is still a charge you should take seriously. After all, a conviction will still show up on your criminal record for years to come.

What Will You Face in Court?

When you face charges of assault, you are up against the prosecution's claims that you had intent to cause harm, created apprehension in the victim, and caused fear or harm in the victim. The prosecution may bring the victim to the stand to testify, as well as any witnesses involved.

What Kind of Defense Can You Use Against Simple Assault?

You can use several defenses against charges of simple assault. Your attorney will help you determine which defense is right for you.

Self-defense is a common response against simple assault charges. You may claim that you were defending yourself or somebody else, for example. Your attorney may recommend this claim if the violence was proportionate to the threat.

In some cases, it is an issue of mistaken identity. Perhaps several people were involved in a fight, but you were not the one who caused any sort of threat. You may be able to point to the individual who actually facilitated the threats or violence.

Finally, you might say that the assault was an accident. You may not have meant to engage in assault or hurt somebody in the process. You may even have proof that there was no intent behind the action.

Should You Hire a Criminal Assault Lawyer?

You should hire a criminal assault lawyer to help you through the next stages. Assault charges can be quite difficult to protect yourself against, especially if the prosecution has a lot of evidence. You need somebody on your side to represent your defense. Make an appointment with an attorney today to protect your rights.

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