Working With A Criminal Attorney

Should You Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you have never been charged with a criminal offense before, you may have no idea what steps to take when it happens. Some people will choose to represent themselves, while others will choose to work with a public defender. However, depending on the circumstances, neither of those options may be in your best interest. Instead, the best option may be to hire a criminal defense attorney who will work to reduce the penalties or get the charge thrown out completely. However, with no experience in a situation like this, how do you know what to do? Here are a few signs that you should hire a lawyer.

The Police Wish to Interview You

If the police have informed you that they want to take you to the station to ask you questions, it is imperative that you hire a criminal defense lawyer. Even in the event that you have not been formally charged, you want to speak to an attorney before you give an official statement to the police. If you fail to seek legal counsel prior to doing so, you may accidentally incriminate yourself.

You Are Innocent of the Charges Being Brought Against You

Some people tend to think that hiring a lawyer makes them appear guilty to the legal system; however, this is not true. Hiring an attorney simply shows that you are dedicated to proving that you are innocent. A lawyer will work with you to ensure all relevant evidence has been gathered, call key witnesses, etc. to help develop a strong case. In addition, an attorney will protect your constitutional rights, which is important since legal cases can often remain under investigation for several months after the alleged crime was committed.

You Are Potential Facing Time Behind Bars

In the event that you are guilty or may be facing prison time if you are found guilty of the charges being brought against you, a criminal defense attorney can help in many ways. If you are guilty, the attorney can shield you from extremely aggressive prosecuting attorneys while presenting you to the court in a forgiving manner. Whether you are guilty or may just be found guilty, with the help of an attorney, your potential sentence may be able to be reduced, lightened, or revoked completely.

If you find yourself in any of the aforementioned situations, get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer in your area as soon as possible.